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Event Date Event Type
Kitchener 22/07/2017 New Handicap Details
Richmond Vale Railway 15/07/2017 Graded Details
Blue Gum Hills 8/07/2017 Graded Details
Green Point 1/07/2017 New Handicap Details
Caves Beach 24/06/2017 Graded Details
Road Championships - Marmong Point 17/06/2017 Scratch Details
Kurri Kurri Hospital 10/06/2017 New Handicap Details
Millington Championships - Walka Water Works 3/06/2017 Scratch Details
Botanic Gardens 27/05/2017 Graded Details
Awaba 20/05/2017 New Handicap Details
Peace Park, Weston 13/05/2017 Graded Details
Myuna Bay 6/05/2017 New Handicap Details
Redhead Beach 22/04/2017 Graded Details
Ashtonfield 15/04/2017 New Handicap Details
Mt Sugarloaf #1 8/04/2017 Graded Details
Richley Reserve, Blackbutt 1/04/2017 Scratch Details
Ash Island 20/08/2016 Scratch Details
Blackbutt 13/08/2016 Graded Details
Jesmond Park 6/08/2016 Graded Details
King of the Mountain 30/07/2016 Handicap Details
Mt Sugarloaf #2 30/07/2016 Handicap Details
Kitchener 23/07/2016 Handicap Details
Richmond Vale 16/07/2016 Graded Details
Blue Gum Hills 9/07/2016 Graded Details
Green Point 2/07/2016 Handicap Details
Caves Beach 25/06/2016 Graded Details
Road Championship - Marmong Point 18/06/2016 Scratch Details
Kurri Kurri 11/06/2016 Handicap Details
Millington Championship - Walka Water Works 4/06/2016 Scratch Details
Botanic Gardens 28/05/2016 Graded Details
Awaba 21/05/2016 Handicap Details
Peace Park 14/05/2016 Graded Details
Myuna Bay 7/05/2016 Handicap Details
Peter Rose Classic Scratch 30/04/2016 Scratch Details
Redhead Beach 23/04/2016 Graded Details
Ashtonfield 16/04/2016 Handicap Details
Mt Sugarloaf #1 9/04/2016 Graded Details
Richley Reserve, Blackbutt 2/04/2016 Scratch Details

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